Factory visits

The history of ROCKWOOL goes back to the start of the 20th century, when the unique qualities of rock wool were discovered on the volcanic island of Hawaii. Scientists discovered a wool-like material in the trees around the active volcano Kilauea: rock wool in its pure, natural form. The material turned out to possess exceptional fire-retardant and insulating properties. In 1937, Gustav Kähler brought the volcanic material to Denmark and founded his first stonewool factory close to Copenhagen. In this factory, the natural process of the volcanic eruption was simulated. Still today, in our own rock wool factories, the natural process of volcanic eruption continues to be simulated.

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During the tour you will have the opportunity to witness our factory and the production process with your own eyes. We do our utmost to make it an interesting and enjoyable day, an enriching experience in which you will gain valuable specialist knowledge.

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School groups / students

ROCKWOOL regularly organises factory visits for school groups and groups of students. The unique and special feeling of being in the factory and witnessing the impact of the production process is guaranteed to make deep impressions and create lasting memories.

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