Contractor & Temporary workerr

ROCKWOOL wishes to provide a safe and healthy working environment, free from accidents and incidents.

To increase everyone’s safety awareness, contractors and temporary workers must successfully complete our online safety induction course. This safety induction course focuses on ten basic safety rules – the Golden Safety Rules. These rules must be strictly observed by all those present on the ROCKWOOL premises.

Emergency situations

In case of an accident, incident or emergency, please follow the instructions of the company first response team. Members of the company first response team can be recognised with their brightly coloured vests.


  • Call the alarm number 4444
  • State your name and location
  • Describe the situation then follow the instructions

Fire alarm

  • Leave the building and wait outside in a safe location until you receive further instructions
  • Follow the emergency personnel to the emergency assembly point


  • Activate the fire alarm and initiate evacuation
  • Call the alarm number 4444
  • Do not attempt to extinguish the fire, but bring yourself to safety
  • Do not use the lift

SCC Certificate

ROCKWOOL applies a policy of only working with SCC-certified companies.

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Start working as contractor or temporary employee ?

Then you are obliged to take our online safety induction course. In this safety induction course we will take you step by step through our safety rules and instructions. This is followed by a short test on the safety rules. Once you have successfully completed the online safety induction course, you will be admitted to the ROCKWOOL site.

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Projects and specific areas

Certain department within ROCKWOOL fall outside the standard company visits. Additional safety regulations may apply within these areas. Where necessary, your contact person will inform you about this in good time.

Questions about Safety?